No marketing or AI experience needed

You will learn strategies to get businesses to pay you to implement AI Marketing in their business.

Works in multiple languages including:

English, Español, 汉语, हिन्दी, العربية, Português, বাংলা, русский, 日本語, ਪੰਜਾਬੀ, Deutsch, Jawa, 한국어, فارسی, Français, Türkçe, Italiano, ไทย, Gujarātī, മലയാളം, Українська, Basa Sunda, עברית, Polski, Magyar, Yorùbá, Oʻzbek, Amharic, Nederlands, Română, తెలుగు, සිංහල, Cebuano, မြန်မာ, ಕನ್ನಡ, Shqip, Tagalog, اردو, Suomi, ລາວ, Slovenčina, Norsk, Hrvatski, Svenska


"We never even thought this was something we could do."


"I didn't think this was even possible.
It's been amazing."


"I've dealt with 2 of the competitors and trust me, this is a much better deal. Nobody has a platform that does the work for you. Huge!"


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Use the same methods Alex used for his businesses

  • Zoosk: 700,000+ paying subscribers, $150M+ of annual revenue, sold for $258 million
  • MentorBox: 200,000+ paying subscribers.
  • 15,000+ paying members in over 100 countries. Proprietary in-house AI software.

Some of what's in included:

  • The 7 Secret Levers of AI Marketing
  • How To Create Magic Hooks
  • ​How To Create Magic Landing Pages
  • ​Writing The Benefit Stack
  • ​Overcoming Objections with FAQs

  • ​Promotional Marketing
  • ​How To Use Images To Boost Marketing Performance
  • ​How To Build Scroll Stopping Ads
  • ​How To Get Paying Clients
  • ​The Cold Email Protocol

  • ​Closing & Pricing Agency Services
  • ​Marketing Packages & Pricing
  • ​Facebook Ads: Testing & Scaling
  • ​E-commerce Product Descriptions
  • ​SEO Fundamentals

  • ​Email Marketing 101
  • ​Almost Freemium Pricing Model
  • ​3-Tier Pricing
  • ​How To Launch A Blog In Under 15 Minutes
  • ​Building a Massive Agency
  • ​AI Marketing Proposals

Once you join you will get access to the on-demand learning academy for self-paced learning, as well as weekly live calls where you can ask any questions.

FREE BONUS: The complete training package that allows you to generate multiple revenue streams and includes: 1) How to use the software to create and run ads for your clients and charge them $5K/month; 2) How to set up Email and SMS automation for your clients using our AI software in exchange for $2K upfront per client with monthly maintenance fee; 3) How to set up AI-optimized Ultra-Fast Funnels or Smart Websites for your clients for $5-$10K per build and have our AI do the work; 4) How to assess your prospective client's website and give them an irresistible offer they cannot refuse; 5) How to optimize a client's ecommerce website using our AI and charge 5-10% of lift in their revenue and sales. This offer is only available right here and right now. You cannot purchase this later, or anywhere else on our site.

AI Marketing Agency Training:


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Frequently Asked Questions

I have no marketing or AI experience. Can I still benefit?
Absolutely! Our courses are designed for beginners with no prior experience. We'll guide you through every step.
Isn't $52/year too cheap for quality training?
We believe in affordable education. Low cost doesn't mean low quality. Our curriculum and expertise speak for themselves.
Will I have support if I get stuck?
Yes, our weekly live calls offer real-time support and feedback.
How can I trust this will work for me?
We use proven methods that helped build Zoosk and MentorBox. Success stories from our members underline the effectiveness of our program.
How does the on-demand learning work?
Study at your own pace with our on-demand lessons tailored to fit your schedule. Learning is flexible and convenient.
Is the content relevant to current marketing trends?
Yes, our comprehensive curriculum covers the latest in AI marketing, SEO, and more to keep you ahead in the ever-evolving market.

What Members are saying:

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